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DU Consulting, is a small bilingual consulting boutique that offers holistic people development for small businesses and organizations.

Hi There, ¡Bienvenidos!

My name is Daneli Ureña. I help small businesses, and organizations achieve their strategic goals, enhance their employees’ leadership capabilities, and generate  cultural change that is sustainable. 

I do this by focusing on organizational development skills and effective interactive learning methodologies that promote the professional development of leaders and employees which in turn enhance readiness for organizational change initiatives. 

Working together, I know I can be a valuable asset to you and your team.

Let’s get to know one another…

I’m a bilingual Latinx female entrepreneur with nine years of experience in the international nonprofit sector. Over the past seven years, investing in and developing leaders while helping individuals identify and develop their life pursuits has been my own professional and personal passion project. I am committed to the important value of investing in people. 

My competencies as a global trainer, honed through years of work with numerous global, makes me versatile in cross-cultural communications, and collaborative people-centric initiatives. These are just some of the assets that I bring to my work and professional relationships. 

Take a moment and learn more about me and how I provide value to my clients.

Coaching for Leaders

Our world needs leaders like you. Individuals who seek whole-person development to lead from a place of confidence, awareness, clarity with a strong commitment towards advancing others on their team.

1. Dive deep into self-awareness, leadership development, and unlock your full potential.

2. Explore & attain the clarity that propels you to your next level of influence.

3. Pivot with confidence.

4. Inspired to take action to create a sustainable vision and strategy for you and your organization or business.

Team Coaching

Growing your company is vital towards its survival. Aligning your employees' goal with your mission is vital towards maintaining a healthy organizational culture.

Is your team ready to grow in cohesion and purpose? I offer customizable sessions that meet you and your team exactly where you are.

These customizable sessions are:

1. Uniquely crafted with your team and desired outcomes in mind.

2. Delivered through a step-by-step interactive learning process.

3. Discover, grow, and take action.


Purposeful, long-lasting and effective strategic intervention requires intention.
Through consulting in a collaborative setting the leadership team will be able to:

1. Identify roadblocks.

2. Design customizable plan.

3. Achieve measurable and desirable results.

4. Implement organizational processes with team members in mind.

5. Build an organizational culture of resilience geared toward your organization’s vision while recognizing that we operate in ever-changing environments.

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Human connection and collaboration is crucial to both growing a business and growing yourself as a person of  influence. If you lead a small business, or are an entrepreneur, or an organizational leader who seeks genuine connection and potential collaboration, JOIN! 


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